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ArciTek is a Specialist firm specialising in Retail Design, Compliances and Licensing.

All work is done in-house. We do not employ external companies, thus keeping costs affordable to the client. Additionally, a 100% hands-on approach is maintained at all times, ensuring accountability to our clients.

Bespoke, Industry-specific solutions ensure that you, the client, will obtain full and complete compliance within the framework of the law.

ArciTek continuously strives to keep up to date with the most current local by-laws and requirements of all relevant authorities and councils throughout the country.

With a long-standing working relationship with the various local authorities spanning decades, our resolution team can assist in finding agreeable solutions where non-compliance fines or shut down orders have been issued.



We monitor continuous changes in Local By-laws and national legislation to stay abreast of all requirements pertaining to the Retail Industry.

Clients on our Newsletter mailing lists are updated with news, retail developments and other matters on a monthly basis.




Architectural Technologists

Architectural Drafting personnel

Civil Engineer

Interior Design Technologist

Fire Consultant

Town Planner

Our inhouse staff liaise with the various Local Authority Departments to ensure approvals - we do not outsource plan submisison / running

Specialised trade license and related permit consultants

* All PROFESSIONALS are registered with the relevant Controlling Authorities.


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