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Occupation Certificate

Health Acceptability Clearances

Public Safety and Emergency clearances

Liquor Licences

Trade Licences

Industry Related Permits




We offer a Due Diligence Service to clients to do the necessary diligence (while still in negotiation of the Lease) as to whether your industry related business will be permitted to operate in those specific premises.

Never assume that because there are similar retailers that your licence will be approved.

Of late, many retailers stand to lose their rights to sell liquor or trade in specific items due to municipal by-laws and town planning schemes.

Be assured that your will be able to trade prior to locking yourself into costly lease agreements, which are even more costly to get out of.




Compliances and Licences done in-house and in association with specialist firms by our Administration Department on behalf of clients:

Building Control Occupation Certificate

In terms of the National Building Regulations (NBR) no business may operate without the Occupation Certificate and any Trade-related permits and licenses. This involves the required Fire Clearances, Environmental Health compliances, and Building Control Inspectorate approvals. Obtained by submitting relevant architectural designs to the various local authority departments for approval and required inspections.

Should a business wish to trade before all compliances have been finalised, an application submitted to the Building Control Office for issuance of a temporary Occupation Certificate, application costs, and submission on risk. Approval and issuance at the discretion of the BCO.

Environmental Health Certificate of Acceptability

In terms of the National Health Act, 2003 (Act 61 of 2003) and the Constitution in terms of section 24(a) governing hygiene requirements for food premises under the ambiance of:

  • Health clinics, spas, saunas, and public baths
  • Bars and pubs
  • Business with three or more vending or slot machines
  • Cinemas and Gaming arcades
  • Dry Cleaners (Where on-site cleaning is done)
  • Escort agencies and adult shops
  • Freshly produced beverages, Waters and Ice cream parlors
  • Hairdressers and Barbers
  • Hawkers
  • Massage parlors, laser and ultraviolet treatment centers
  • Nightclubs and Pool-rooms
  • Restaurants and Fast food outlet
  • Sweets, dried meats, Dried Fruits and Nuts

These retailers include the casual sale of foodstuff items which are not part of their main source of stock items. i.e. stationers that sell sweets or outdoor retailers that sell dehydrated foodstuffs, etc.

Trade Permits

In terms of the Businesses Act, 1991 (Act number 71 of 1991) and the National Health Act, 2003 (Act 61 of 2003) and the Constitution in terms of section 24(a) governing hygiene requirements for:

  • Sale and supply meals, take-Aways or perishable foodstuff
  • Section 11 Sub-Section 30 - Provision of services to remove human excrement or urine
  • Section 11 Sub-Section 45 - Offensive trades
  • Section 11 Sub-Section 52 - Hairdressing, beauty and cosmetology services
  • Section 11 Sub-Section 61 - Accommodation establishments
  • Section 11 Sub-Section 125 - Poultry farming, breeding, and housing
  • Section 11 Sub-Section 129 - Rabbits farming, breeding, and housing
  • Section 11 Sub-Section 134 - Dog kennels and catteries
  • Section 11 Sub-Section 144 - Dangerous animals farming, breeding, and housing
  • Section 11 Sub-Section 145 - Beehive keeping and farming
  • Section 11 Sub-Section 77 - Nursing homes (Maternity, Medical, and surgical procedures)

Liquor Licence

In terms of Section 19 of the Liquor Act, Act 27 of 1989.


Food Waste Disposal Contracts

Food waste disposal contracts as per Waste Management By-laws, 2012

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