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Your partner in Retail Design, Compliance and Licensing

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ArciTek is a Specialist Architectural Technology firm specialising in Retail Design, Compliances and Licensing.



Retail Design - Conceptualised

                 - Client ideas

          - As built

Specialised Design - Rational designs

Local Authority approvals

Required permits and Licences




2018 saw an increase in Local Authority Legal action taken against retail property owners and tenants as part of their non-compliance law enforcement duties.

There are many Shopping Centres and Malls earmarked for Law Enforcement clampdowns in the early part of 2019.

2019, will see a significant increase in Legal Compliance Law Enforcement throughout the larger Metropolitan areas, with smaller regions likely to follow suit in the near future.

Local Authority inspectorates now hold the same powers of execution as the Metropolitan Police. In the past, their powers were limited to issuance of notices, fines, and tenant closure orders; they now have the power to issue arrest warrants without prior issuance of notice.

It is in the interest of property owners to ensure compliance not only for insurance purposes but for the safety of those people who visit their buildings.

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